Our story begins in 1851 at Wesleyan Female College in Macon, Georgia, where six incredible women changed the world. Led by Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald, our founders formed The Adelphean Society for “the mental, moral, social, and domestic improvement of its members.” The Adelphean Society, later renamed Alpha Delta Pi, was the first secret society for college women. We began something that 25 other Panhellenic groups would later follow. In 1851, the sorority was born.



ADPis are bright, fun, and lovely young women who share the strong bond of sisterhood. The qualifications for membership have remained throughout the years: scholarship, high principles, and true friendship. Here at Sam Houston, we uphold the fine characteristics that make an Alpha Delta Pi sister so special to this very day. Delta Mu is one of 160 International chapters of Alpha Delta Pi. It is part of the original group of sororities installed on the Sam Houston State University Campus in 1959.


Our sisterhood is more than a friendship; it is a bond that lasts forever! Within two years of the first chapter at Wesleyan Female College, four new chapters were installed. The chapter roll has continued to grow since that time with the addition of three new chapters this year alone. Delta Mu’s alumnae network is a close-knit group of women who are actively involved in supporting the chapter, well after graduation. It’s not four years, but for life!


Amanda Lee,

Executive VP

Executive Vice President- as executive VP I do a lot of the behind the scenes work. I am the report from the advisors to the chapter on any operating changes. I am also the President’s right hand woman!

I am a Communication Studies major with a double minor in Spanish and Community Leadership. I will be graduating in May 2021. Outside of being the Executive VP for the Delta Mu chapter, I am a member of an on campus ministry called Campus Outreach (CO), a previous Prime Student Ambassador, a member of the Student Advisory Board for the Texas State University System, the Lead Student Assistant in the Vice President’s Office for Student Affairs, an Orange Key Ambassador, and your SHSU Student Body President! I went ADPi because I felt a connection to the girls I spoke to during recruitment. I felt a sense of genuine friendship and I felt like I could continue to grow as a leader in this environment. ADPi has given me the biggest support system that I never thought I would have!

Shannon Simmons,

Membership Education VP

I am over all aspects of membership- from being a new member to the alumnae level and everything in between!


I am a Communication Studies major with a double minor in Psychology and Human Services. I will be graduating in the spring of 2021 and after graduation I plan to work for a church and go into youth ministry. Besides ADPi I’m involved in Campus Outreach (CO) which is an on-campus ministry whose mission is to create disciples for Christ. Many sisters are involved in CO and it’s my favorite thing because both of my worlds collide, and I get to share Christ with my sisters!

I went ADPi because I was looking for a sisterhood that was genuine and would be there for me. During recruitment, I fell in love with what I found behind that blue door. ADPi has given me my best friends and future bridesmaids, countless memories, and has pushed me to become the best version of myself I can be. I cannot imagine going through college without it!

Tracy Hamana,

Director of Social Enrichment

I am over all social events for the sorority including date parties, formal events, and homecoming. All things social!

I am studying to become a nurse and graduate with my BSRN. I plan on graduating in the spring of 2021 and after graduation I plan on specializing my nursing degree to become a pediatric oncology nurse. Besides ADPi I’m involved in the History Club, Student Alumni Association, and Campus Outreach (CO). I went ADPi because I wanted a life lasting sisterhood filled with genuine friendships that I would cherish forever. As soon as I walked through that azure blue door, I felt right at home. Since then, I have made unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships that I will forever cherish and be grateful for.

Landry Nutt,

Recruitment & Marketing VP

My name is Landry Nutt and I currently serve our chapter as Recruitment and Marketing Vice President. I am in charge of handling all aspects of recruitment for Delta Mu. After being on both sides of recruitment, I realized how much of a passion I have for the preparation process, and recruiting young women into something that changed my life forever!


This fall I will be a junior majoring in Biomedical Science on a Pre-Dental pathway. Following my graduation in the Spring of 2021, I plan to apply to dental school and eventually become an Orthodontist.


I went ADPi because of the genuineness I felt the moment I walked through the door. It was so apparent how much these girls loved their sorority and each other, and now as a member, I can say how right I was. Alpha Delta Pi has given me my best friends that push me daily to be the best version of myself, a sisterhood that has changed me for the better, and taught me grace and flexibility. I wouldn’t trade the first & finest for anything!

Bobbie Jo Anderson,

Finance VP

As Finance Vice President I am in charge of making sure all members pay their dues, managing officer budgets, and recording all chapter transactions.


My major is Health Care Administration with a concentration in Pre-Nursing. I plan to graduate in spring 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Administration and then apply to nursing school.


Coming to Sam Houston as a freshman knowing absolutely no one was terrifying. When I went through recruitment in fall of 2017, I was looking to find genuine sisterhood in a sorority. In each house that I visited I saw their sisterhood connections, but I didn’t feel a place for me there. After walking into the Alpha Delta Pi house, I knew that I belonged here. My sisters in Alpha Delta Pi have pushed me to grow as an individual - they have this certain drive to hold themselves to a higher standard and excel in school, the community, and all other aspects of their lives.

Katlynne Wilkey,

Panhellenic Delegate

My name is Katlynne Wilkey and I am Delta Mu’s Panhellenic Delegate! The position of Panhellenic Delegate consists of going to bi-weekly meetings with the Panhellenic Executive board and delegate information to my chapter. Panhellenic Delegates are also the girls who should promote Panhellenic love and support to every chapter on the hill.

My major is Kinesiology and I plan to get my Masters in Occupational Therapy after graduating. During my time at Sam Houston I am very lucky to participate in a program called Advanced Physical Adaptive Program (APAP) where I get to help coach younger students with physical disabilities. This program is what made me want to pursue a career where I can help people and change their lives. I went ADPi because I wanted to make lifelong friends who I could depend on for anything. I’m so happy I went Alpha Delta Pi! It’s made such a huge impact on my life.

Lacey Nielsen,

Director of Standards & Ethics

My name is Lacey Nielsen, and I am serving on the Executive Board as Director of Standards and Ethics. I am a double major in Banking and Financial Institution and Finance. I will graduate in May of 2020 in hopes to obtain my  Masters in Business Administration. ADPi has taught me how to be a level-headed, strong-willed individual all while remembering my true values that I hold within myself. Being Director of Standards and Ethics, I have learned that joining ADPi comes with responsibility. It has shown me that I am now a part of something bigger than myself, and I have a reputation to uphold. My position allows me to hold my sisters accountable for what we believe in and the morals instilled in our motto, “We Live For Each Other.” Being apart of Alpha Delta Pi has been the greatest aspect of my time at Sam Houston. 

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